ANST - Belts (was Barcoding)

Gregory R. Gagnon cian at
Mon Aug 4 18:18:06 PDT 1997

>This is how I learned it.
>Only the white belt or white baldric is reserved.  By tradition a red
>belt is for squires.  A somewhat recent import from other kingdoms is a
>green belt for apprentices and I think a yellow belt for "thorns"
>(uncommon term for Pelican's apprentices).  A recently seen innovation
>is a red baldric for students to a Master at Arms.  The white and red
>colors are also used in similar fashion for Rapier Fighters to
>designate Dons and Cadets.  To the best of my knowledge, only the white
>scarf is "reserved", and then only for kingdoms which recognize the
>treaty that establishes Rapier fighting outside Ansteorra (I believe
>the only kingdoms not part of the treaty are Meridies and Calontir).
> The white belt or baldric, however, is proscribed throughout the SCA,
>as it is a recognized insignia of a peerage order established by the
>SCA in general, not by individual kingdoms.

<Bits snipped in a forlorn attempt at brevity>

I also learned that only the white belt and baldric are reserved Society
wide (by Corpora).  The red belt has been used everywhere I have been (this
is my 6th Kingdom).  The green belt I have noticed less and later, though
this may just be my exposure or awareness showing.  The first belt I saw
used for an apprentice was purple, though I have since seen the yellow belt.
As a man-at -arms to a non-belted Royal Peer I wore green and gold, his
household colors.  This was simplified when he got his laurel, and again
when he got his belt and I switched to red and gold.  Now that I am a Knight
my household when in household regalia wears black and gold (the gold edges
go back to Duke Merowald) and my squires wear red and gold.  My badge (to
address another issue raised here) goes either on the belt tip or the
sleeves of the heraldic surcoat.

On the whole this situation can be treated as our other time honored
traditions:  you can either be sensitive to them or about them.  A spirit of
inquiry rather than inquisition is more likely to create a favorable
response.  I have seen people attacked for wearing the wrong color
thingiedoodle, and I have seen a substitute offered with a quiet explanation
of why things were this way here.  Attack is not necessarily a bad thing,
but consider your overall goal before acting.

Next time ask me about spurs <G>.

Viscount Cian Conor MacQuaid, KSCA


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