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>I'm sure I won't be the only one to point this out, but the rapier folk
>are a lot less interested in "Consort" than they are in "Queen".  They
>were delighted when the Queen was the Sovereign.  Their dedication
>to the queen has less to do with affinity for an underdog consort than
>with affection for the idea of Queen Elizabeth II, the sovereign of a
>couple of their personas.
>As to the Glove & Gauntlet, you'd have to check the charters of those
>awards to see who'd award which (or ask Hector or Rowan), but I'd
>hate to be the one to tell the swashers that "Queen's Champion
>will be a heavy weapons list this year."  They're interested in the
>title "Queen", not the office, "Consort".
>When Rowan won Crown, the Dons gave her the Queen's white scarf,
>then in recognition of Duke Hector's unique position, they gave him
>one too.

This isn't *entirely* correct. Back in the early days of the kingdom, a set
of presentation scarves were made for the Queen *and* King. Over the years,
the King's scarf went away (I think it may have been lost and never
replaced), although the Queen continued to wear hers. Nevertheless, as
titular heads of the White Scarves, both the King and Queen are entitled to
wear White Scarves if they wish.
The Scarf Hector was given at that coronation was one of mine, because
Rowan asked that they *both* be given scarves during the ceremony.

There was also a King's Rapier Champion tournament on Sunday of Rowan's
Queen's Champion.

	-Tivar Moondragon


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