ANST - Scarves (was Barcoding)

Chris and Elisabeth Zakes moondrgn at
Mon Aug 4 21:32:06 PDT 1997

I'm going to lump several of these together, to save space...

Angus wrote:

>I have heard that a person in training to become a cadet gets a blue scarf.
>Logically, that means that a person training to be a squire gets a blue belt
>(though I have not heard so). The blue scarf (and blue belt if it exists) is
>not reserved.

A blue scarf is used as the mark of an authorized rapier fighter in
Atlantia. I've never seen it used in Ansteorra, except by visiting Atlantians.

Talen wrote:

>To the best of my knowledge, only the white 
>scarf is "reserved", and then only for kingdoms which recognize the 
>treaty that establishes Rapier fighting outside Ansteorra (I believe 
>the only kingdoms not part of the treaty are Meridies and Calontir). 

A white scarf is registered by the Herald's Office as insignia for the
Order of the White Scarf in Ansteorra, the Outlands, Trimaris, Atlantia,
Atenveldt, An Tir and Caid.

Daniel de Lincoln wrote:

>white scarf: Don of Fence.  Done by treaty in about half the kingdoms.

The only place I've ever encountered the term "Don of Fence" was in the
East Kingdom. In Ansteorra, members of the Order of the White Scarf are
called "Don" or "Don~a" by custom, but not by law. 

	-Tivar Moondragon


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