ANST - dying

dennis grace amazing at
Mon Aug 4 23:08:26 PDT 1997

>The following messages are from an upcoming linen-msg file.

Linen sending messages? Keeping files? OK, so we knew linen could maintain a
thread, but who knew linen could type? Much less file (much, much less file
now that there is so much artificial moire' available)?

> It looks like these other folks agree on the difficulty of dyeing linen.

I know, isn't it just dreadful? It keeps on asking for rice pudding and
massages and one last cigarette and then wheezing all over the place.
Altogether you'd think it would cut you some flax, but noooo, it just lies
there, trying to pull the wool over your eyes and weave one more tale about
the good ol' dyes...makes you just want to bolt right out of the loom. It's
downright warped, I tell ya.

>Silk on the other hand dyes quite easily.

A Jacquard Kevorkian dream (if that's not damasking too much). It just slips
off smoothly (except for the few that really come unraveled even after you
try to convince them there's nothing to be frayed of). Some hang quite
nicely, but tend to bleed a bit. Mostly they just want to be weft alone.

Lyonel and Aquilanne
who really need to go to sleep now


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