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dentim at dentim at
Tue Aug 5 07:14:18 PDT 1997


My dear, loving lady said....

>> He's doing contract construction....warranty work.  Really not very
>> exciting, 

   NOT EXICTING!?!? I'm hurt, deeply. and by my own lady,too  :(

protoSir Bunny answered.....

>How about    " WILL WORK FOR FOOD "

>he could stand on a street corner and use a real cheap sign, like maybe
>out of cardboard

how about  "will fight for food". Now there is a career choice for you! That
reminds me of the Unemployment line in "History of the world part 1". The
Gladiator steps up and the lady asks him "did you kill this week?" "no" "did
you TRY to kill this week?"  "yes".  ;) 

I could stand on a street corner and write it on my sheild, and sell roses
out of my helm.



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