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 From: Garth <green at>
>The Oaths of Fealty required of the Knights and Territorial
>Barons/Baronesses is a re-creation of the backbone of most period

It would be nice if you could provide a source for that.
Many times on the Rialto I have seen learned peoples
way that this was not true.  For example, Knights were
typically in fealty to a local Lord, not the King.  And Barons
were, at times, pretty independent, which led to the
Magna Carta and all other manor of foul things.

>They are necessary also to the SCA. If the King and Queen
>are to be our leaders the military (Knights), officers and Their
>Majesty's local representatives (Barons) must be loyal to the Crown. A
>public Oath of loyalty that goes both ways aids in assuring harmony. 

You are a lucky person, to have attained your age without
ever experiencing the political reality that belies your opinion.
Or at the least, you have never lived in "downtown Atenveldt".

>Gifts can and should be given at a place other than Court. 

Sometimes yes, sometimes no.  There was once a group that
presented a peacock to Their Majesties with much show. I do
not think anyone minded that they did so in Court:. Quite not, really.

>Remember, Court is there to carry on the business of the Kingdom - not
>to keep you personally entertained.

The business of the Kingdom mainly happens in private, I think,
and is directed towards the goals of the SCA. That goal, regardless
of high-falutin' words we say to the IRS, is primarily that we entertain
each others and ourselves in a way that provides a pleasant
education about the Middle Ages. Therefor, if Court is to serve
the businness of te SCA, it must entertain.  And so we must think,
 why else would people go and watch in such numbers ?
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