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Tue Aug 5 11:17:14 PDT 1997

Galen here!

Can't say as I have much interest in how A&S events are run, as I
rarely take part.  But I wanted to reply to two things Aquilanne

> Aquilanne here.
> Thank you Siobhan for your posting.
> you write:
> From some postings I've seen, I'm assuming that research papers are now
> required to be submitted some time before the actual A&S event, to give the
> necessary time for adequate evaluation and feedback. Is this the case? 

At the last Laurel's prize tourney, I had the impression that any
entry had to be submitted by a deadline some weeks in advance of the the
judging.  I submitted some of my sonnets and some of my satire. 
Mari and -- I think, forgive me here, I may have misremembered who
to me -- Mistress Siobhan gave me some very kind and well-considered
back.  I can't say that's standard practice.  I think we've established
that there _isn't_ standard practice, but I thought this worked well.

> >So, what are some alternatives to the way we do things now?  There has just
> >got to be a way, in a Society of civilized men and women, to have an artistic
> >dialogue in an atmosphere of mutual respect, but I don't believe that our
> >present system of "competition" provides the best environment.
> >
> >Ideas? Suggestions? Innovations?
> Weelll, at the risk of being "that durned furener with furener ideas," 

Aquilanne, I hope you don't get that reaction.  If a fighter comes
in from out-of-kingdom with a trick or a technique that works which
I don't know, I want to learn it.  And how will I learn it if works
if I don't let him show me, and then try it myself?

I hate to think that fighters would be that much more open-minded 
than A&S folks.


> Still tickled that other people are willing to talk A&S stuff,
> Aquilanne

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