ANST - Chivalry:modern definition

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Tue Aug 5 12:43:45 PDT 1997

>>To my knowledge, in the SCA, chivalry is not the exclusive
domain of men, and women are as free to oppress men
with it as they may please to.  Further, in its Society usage,
we find people often oppressing people of the same
sex, and of all the same and different ages, races and creeds.

We do, in fact, seem most universally and democratically 
oppressed, and happy to be so, if I am any judge of it.<<

Help help, I'm being Opressed!!!!

I think it's good that the common feminist opinion of chivalry hasn't made it
as far south as I live.  Why, just the other day I walked all the way across
a college campus, went to many many classes and even ate in the deatheteria,
and I never touched a single door (other than the door to the ladies room).
 Everywhere I went, some gentleman opened the door for me, (and no, I didn't
stand there and stare fixedly at the door until someone opened it).  Most of
the time I wasn't even within ten feet of a door before it was opened for me.
 Very nice.


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