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Mike Andrews dsdapc03 at
Tue Aug 5 15:16:30 PDT 1997

Siobhan inquires: 

> Good gentles, how should we handle SCA artistic endeavors that have much
> merit, but no real period analogue?  

> So, what think you?  Should we try to find a way to publicly acknowledge and
> value this sort of endeavor?  If so, what would be appropriate?  (Should we
> call in the militant wing of the laurelate to obliterate it in the interest
> of authenticity?  If so, do they get to borrow weapons from the knights, or
> do they have to make their own, using only period techniques/materials? <G>)

What art is there in destruction? We call in the Pelicans to obliterate it, 
-- as a service, of course. 
In sober honesty, I think it's worthwhile, as well as a lot of fun, and I'd 
love to see Aubrey's work. 

Michael Fenwick, Namron


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