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Mark Harris mark_harris at
Tue Aug 5 13:39:29 PDT 1997

Siobhan mentioned some work by Don Aubrey:

The other example (shameless plug) is some of  the work being done by my
apprentice, Don Aubrey.  He has written some excellent "alternate histories"
that have involved an immense amount of research that reflect a thorough
understanding of the geopolitics of the era, e.g., the storm didn't blow in
and the Spanish Armada won, the Catholic lords assist the Spaniards in
consolidating domestic power, England returned to Catholicism,  France's
paranoia peaks, etc., etc.....

These sound extremely interesting to me. I have only the hazziest idea of
the topics and periods covered. As well as being just plain interesting to
read, I think these would give me an idea of the topics because they would
contrast from what actually happened.

Is there someone way to get copies of these?

I would also be interested in considering adding them to the SCA Rialto
Files if Don Aubrey would be willing. I have no idea how to reach him
or if we have several Don Aubreys which one he would be.

  Stefan li Rous
  markh at


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