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Lisa Carter zkr26 at
Tue Aug 5 14:07:05 PDT 1997

Jumping back to previous comments...that is how to deal with a person who
is or is not a novice.

When setting up those neat folder for everyone to write in...could there
not be a front page with the person's SCA and ral world experience.  Taht
is say it is someones first/second helm but mundanely he/she works in a
metal shop.  This does not discount the fact that this is a first try but
it gives the judge an opportunity to know the person's back ground and
experience with what is being shown.   

i also feel in this case the indiviudal should be considered a novice at
what he/she is attempting to do....I think if someone does the same thing
mundanely and is showing it in a period style I think then they should not
be considered a novice. ALERT - there is a very fine line and I also think
the judges are the ones who need to decied.  Going back to the helms -
what if what he does is dish out something and weld it together all day
long - then the question is - is he still a novice - and when is someone
no longer one.

But off on another tangent - could a "profile" in a folder not help with
the judging?

Learning to Serve the Dream,

Kayleigh Drake
Baroness of Bonwicke
The Western Region of Ansteorra


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