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James Crouchet jtc at
Tue Aug 5 18:43:01 PDT 1997

> In fact, I've yet to hear anyone in the SCA use the term "newbie"
> as a put-down (not saying it hasn't happened; I just haven't heard
> it).

I do. I have done so for years. I use "newbie" to imply ignorance or 
perhaps ignorant (and thus harmful) zeal.

Though I use this word sparingly, I have used to when debating
safety issues to remind others in the discussion that there are very
new, very enthusiastic people out there who have not yet learned the
safety lessons we have often come by the hard way. The other folks
in the discussion always seemed to get the point without me having
to write a paragraph to explain it.

When I want to speak of someone new to our group in general, or of 
dealing with people new to the group, I use the term newcomer. I have 
learned that word as one that implys enthusiasm, a willingness to 
learn and the need for assistance, advice and friendship from those 
of us with more experience in the SCA. I realize not everyone who 
joins us is like that, but I prefer to think of them in the best 
light when I can.

>From another message:
> When I lived in Stargate, some people there felt mundane was offensive.
I had heard the term 'modern' used instead.

An interesting problem here is that many or our characters would have
used the term "modern" to refer to themselves.

I have heard 20-C used. It sounds odd at first, but after spending
half a day around some re-enactor friends I found it natural to
hear folks speak fo their "20-C house" or "20-C life". Of course,
once the re-enactment started they did not speak of such things
at all!

M. Dore

P.S. Just a nit to pick -- I call new people, babies.


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