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James Crouchet jtc at
Tue Aug 5 18:43:01 PDT 1997

> The belt colors I've heard of:
> white belt: for knights.  Reserved by Society law and/or custom
>     (weasel wording; I'm not sure who has proclaimed it)
> white baldric: master of arms.  See white belt.
> white scarf: Don of Fence.  Done by treaty in about half the kingdoms.
> red belt: squire to a knight.  A custom in every kingdom.
> red baldric: student to a master of arms.  Rare because MoAs are rare.
> red scarf: cadet to a Don of Fence.
> green belt: apprentice of a Laurel.
> yellow belt: protege of a Pelican.
> All but white belts and baldrics are customs only (well, some kingdom
> might legislate some sumptuary laws, but I think any such are being
> silly).

I believe Ansteorra also reserves the White Scarf.

Atlantia's guild system uses scarves of various colors to denote the
"rank" of the fencer within the guild system. I do not know if they
reserve them in kingdom law or not. Consider, though, how often have
you seen someone in the SCA wearing a scarf of any color pinned in a
circle around their shoulder unless it was intended to designate
rank, affiliation, etc? Not exactly a common fashion statement.


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