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Subject: Re: ANST - To Dennis O' Connor
>In a message dated 97-08-06 12:08:17 EDT, you write:
><<  If I had wished to spare you that embarrassment I would have replied
> privately, but I felt that the instruction I believe you so obviously need
> can also be of some use to others, and so I have not spared you.
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> Dennis O'Connor               dmoc at
> I'm having close to too much fun with this. :-) >>
>What's the matter, Dennis?  Couldn't find enough controversy on the Atenveldt
>mailing list, and you have to spread out over here to Ansteorra?

Tisk tisk.  Another ad-hominem attack.  But it is interesting
that you think logic and argument are controversial subjects.
I am afraid I must disagree with you there.

Now, while it seems from your response that you have some
kind of issue with *me*, personally, is there anything in the
meat of my posting that you actually disagree with ?

(I liked the response of the person who said it should
  be in e-mail better: I understand his position, and accept
  it as a valid one, I just happen to disagree is all.  I can
  even argue at length as to why if called upon to do so.)

Of course, if you want to discuss *me*, rather than discuss
the subject I posted about, well, that kind of discussion
usually escalates into a flame-war, doesn't it ?  While I
enjoy a flame war as much or more than anyone, do you
think the rest of the mailing list really wants to see one ?
If so, let me know.  If not, I'd advise you to cease making
attacks on the messenger, and focus on the message.
My words have or do not have value independent of
who says them.

Oh, and BTW: *nothing* is the matter.  Nothing at all.
I have a nearly-ideal life, ask around.  Isn't that annoying ? :-)

[ BTW, for flame fans who are keeping track:  Tyrca is
  attacking *me*, which is one of the prerequisites of a flame,
  while I am critiquing Tyrca's on-net behavior, which is a
  different thing entirely.  It's the difference between telling a
  child "You are a bad boy" and telling them "You shouldn't put
  forks in the microwave." The latter only seeks to inform the child
  they have done something wrong, the former degrades the child.]
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