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Wed Aug 6 10:52:57 PDT 1997

 From: Garth <green at>
>Dennis O'Connor wrote:
>>  -----Original Message-----
>> From: Garth <green at>
>> >Just because somebody has a different opinion than you does not make
>> >their argument invalid. You might try doing some formal debate.
>I mearly stated an opinon that you seem to disagree with. 

I think it pretty obvious from the text you sent, above, 
that is not all you "merely" did.  My original critique still
stands: merely repeating oneself in response to an
argument against your position is an invalid form of argument.

BTW, note that I have not wasted the time of people reading this
list via a modem by including the entirety of your long post
just to add a few lines at the bottom, as you did.


> You are the one who hurls insults not me. 

You seem to consider it an insult when someone points out
that your response was not a valid argument, even though
you offer no evidence or argument to the contrary  ?   Hmm.
Does that ever wind up being an obstacle to you learning ?
Anyway, if you could please identify what it is that I said that
you consider an insult, I'll consider an apology, if it is warranted.

>Everybody can read the above text.

Indeed.  Perhaps you could point out the difference between
your (in my opinion ridiculous) "You might try doing some
formal debate", and me actually doing exactly that ?

>You are the one who is trying to convert this into a pissing contest and
>I am no longer interested in you.

I have come to view this kind of one-last-slap-before-I-stomp-out-
of-the-room kinds of closing as, frankly, rude and pathetic.  But, that's
just my opinion, formed over many years of ... relevant experience. ;-)

BTW, anyone know who "Garth <green at>" is ?
Who *I* am, of course, is pretty obvious.
Dennis O'Connor               dmoc at
All rights reserved. Speaking only for myself, by default.


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