ANST - To Dennis O' Connor

Russell Kinder russmax at
Wed Aug 6 11:17:00 PDT 1997

Dennis O'Connor wrote:
>  From: Garth <green at>
> >Dennis O'Connor wrote:
> >>
> >>  -----Original Message-----
> >> From: Garth <green at>
> >> >Just because somebody has a different opinion than you does not make
> >> >their argument invalid. You might try doing some formal debate.
> [...]
> >I mearly stated an opinon that you seem to disagree with.

[tirade deleted]

> BTW, anyone know who "Garth <green at>" is ?
> Who *I* am, of course, is pretty obvious.
> --
> Dennis O'Connor               dmoc at
> All rights reserved. Speaking only for myself, by default.

How do we deflate this windbag? This is an utter waste of bandwidth, and
I'm usually pretty tolerant. He's like a wounded cat, lashing at anyone
who comes near.

Lord Guillaume

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