ANST - Stargate's Summerthing

Wed Aug 6 12:47:02 PDT 1997

The following is for the information of those who live in and around the 
Stargate area, but who do not get 'The Two Towers'. 
Stargate's Summerthing is this Saturday (August 9th) 
at 	St. Thomas Aquinas Catholic Church 
	12627 West Bellfort (between Dairy Ashford and Synott) 
	Sugar Land, Texas 77478 
Site opens at 8:30a and closes at midnight. Site fee is $5 for adults and $2 
for children ($15 max per family). The site is dry. Feast is a Pot Luck dinner. 
Event Schedule: 
 8:30a	Site Opens 
 9:00a	Making Pinch Pots - Part I (Roger of York) 
10:00a	Perception of Time through History (Francois la Flamme) 
	The History of Print Making (Lyonnette van Leyden) 
	Women's French Garb (Kaitlyn McKenna) 
	Making Pinch Pots - Part II (Roger of York) 
	SCA Fighting 101/Basic Armory (Ulsted the Unsteady) 
11:00a	Beginning Lucet Cord (Fionna ni Cheallaigh) 
	Feast-o-Crat 101 (Lyonnette van Leyden) 
	Canvas Painting 
	Meat Pies 
	Fighting On/From the Ground (Jean Pierre & Martin of Lincolnshire) 
	Woodworking Demo 
	Making Medieval Ointments and Creams 
12:00	Lunch Break 
	Soap Making (William Silke) 
	One-on-one Woodworking Class (Leofric Ealdricson) 
12:30p	One-on-one Woodworking Class (Leofric Ealdricson) 
 1:00p	Japanese Bobbin Braiding (Fionna ni Cheallaigh) 
	SCA 101 (Sine Greigsdottir) 
	Sunwise and Sunwize, The Only Star You Need to Know (Bran de Tintreak) 
	Block Printing - Part I (Eowyn ferch Rhys) 
	Small Unit Combat Tactics (Jean Pierre & Martin of Lincolnshire) 
	One-on-one Woodworking Class (Leofric Ealdricson) 
	Dance Practice (Perronnelle Charrette de la Tour du Pin) 
 1:30p	One-on-one Woodworking Class (Leofric Ealdricson) 
 2:00p	Treasurer Certification (Godwin of Edington) 
	Basic Heraldry (Adela naast de Hondsroos) 
	Block Printing - Part II (Eowyn ferch Rhys) 
	German Fencing - 1340 to 1450 (Cian Conor MacQuaid) 
	One-on-one Woodworking Class (Leofric Ealdricson) 
	Herald Certification (Francois la Flamme) 
 2:30p	One-on-one Woodworking Class (Leofric Ealdricson) 
 3:00p	Beginning Bard (ihon vinson macfergus) 
	Documenting Costuming (Delphina de Champeaux) 
	Basic Persona Skills (Mari ferch Rathyen) 
	Medieval Dyes (Meghan 'Kestral' MachLachlan) 
	One-on-one Woodworking Class (Leofric Ealdricson) 
	Dance Practice (Perronnelle Charrette de la Tour du Pin) 
 3:30p	One-on-one Woodworking Class (Leofric Ealdricson) 
 4:00p	Courtisanly Behaviour (Cian Conor MacQuaid) 
	Beginning Music (Gerald of Leesville) 
	Armory for Rapier (Delphina de Champeaux) 
	Brewing (Ulsted the Unsteady) 
	One-on-one Woodworking Class (Leofric Ealdricson) 
	Beginning Charter Painting (Beatrice) 
 4:30p	One-on-one Woodworking Class (Leofric Ealdricson) 
 5:00p	A&S Judging Begins (popular vote) 
 6:00p	Court 
 6:30p	Pot Luck Dinner 
	Dinner Theater - "A Midsummer Night's Dream" 
 8:00p	Dance and General Revelry 
	(coordinated by Avatar of Catsprey and Perronnelle Charrette 
	de la Tour du Pin) 
11:00p	Site clean up. 
12:00	Go Home 
Please come and join us! 
-- Suzanne (Summerthing Autocrat) 
** Lady Suzanne de la Ferte, AoA      ** 
** Scribe and Illuminator             ** 
** Stargate, Ansteorra                ** 
** suzanne.powell at       ** 


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