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Wed Aug 6 10:56:00 PDT 1997

On  6 Aug 97 at 14:49, Damaris of Greenhill wrote:

> eric mauer wrote:
> > Ah, the joy of auto delete...
> So how do you do this.  Please tell us.

the best tactic is simply ignoring them until they go away.  there 
are certain personailty types that thrive on public conflict, 
especially on teh net where they are faceless and shielded. 

playing back to them in public only insures they stay in the public
eye and continue to expound (thus birthing many a flame-fest ..
funny how trying to put out fires with gasoline tends to do that,

sometimes they can be satirized back into the background (which can 
be interesting if done with style and art), but often that simply 
provokes them into a increasingly rabid stance.

as to your particular question on tools to cope ...

... for  those not interested, pardon the digression into 
cyber-drudic lore ...

note" following valid only on true local pc-based clients .. have 
minimal experience or interest in remotely hosted email (PINE, 

"auto delete" is more properly called a "filter" ... most email 
clients i'm familiar with (primarily Eudora and Pegasus) allow you to 
create filters based on certain criteria ... they allow a fairly high 
level of unattended message handling.  some "offline" clients or 
extensions.  one of teh most useful features of these tools is 
culling the noise from the information flow based on the readers 
personal criteria.

in this case, if i wanted to get rid of the the posts of a certain 
individual that i found overly annoying, i would setup a filter along 
the lines of:

	if, in message header, field "from" or "sender"
		"string"="xxx" (users name, sometimes wildcards work)
	then "delete"

for direct email i usually send a return message along lines of 
"this system find your posts annoying and unwelcome and deletes them 
unread".  eventually sender gets message and stops bothering me.  

in this instance you are dealing with a person using the list the
disseminate their words.  DO NOT send auto-replies to the list!  i
repeat, DO NOT send auto-replies to the list! (is there an echo in
here ????).   if you must send something, send it directly to the
person who origionated the message flow. 

for your particular software, look in the "tools" or similar menu 
sections ... and/or check the online help for the term "filter"

... i'll go back to my lair now

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