ANST - Instruction was: To Dennis O' Connor

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Wed Aug 6 19:00:07 PDT 1997

 From: dennis grace <amazing at>
Subject: Re: ANST - Instruction was: To Dennis O' Connor
>Dennis O' Connor wrote:
>>This usually pisses people of at first, but in my experience, people
>>eventually realize that it  they are mainly pissed off at themselves.
>The composition and spacing of the latter section of the above sentence
>seems to indicate an incomplete job of editing, Dennis. How many times does
>someone have to tell you not to try to dance a jig while typing?

The only jigs I know are Morris jigs, and to be honest
I have forgotten most of them (at least until I hear music).
But it *is* possible to tango and type, although at a
reduced rate.  Excuse me while I go out to the rose bush ...
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