Angela M Viator av4 at
Wed Aug 6 19:55:51 PDT 1997

Just stop, all of you. Stop instigating, stop accusing of flame
throwing.Everyone who has replied has contributed to making this list one
most of us don't want to read. So please, I am begging like a little girl
hearing her parents argue, just stop.
I have been on this list for three months, it had always been fairly free
of flaming, and when it did happen it was brief and then taken private.
I am new to this list and RELATIVELY new to the SCA, and I have been
guided and given very helpful information on this list, please, we don't
care who said what/meant what. If you must publically criticize, do so,
but then after the fist one, take it private.
I'm sorry but this youngin' couldn't bear to watch her list turn to slime
and filth and rage. Don't think agrueing is slime and filth...when it gets
hateful and people become irritated or rubbed the wrong way it is, and
don't give me any arguement about others being too sensitive. I may be
young and I may not want to witness this hate, but I can run with the big
dogs and will. 

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