ANST - Pennsic!! (get your money back?)

eric caladin at
Thu Aug 7 00:14:41 PDT 1997

>>Is there anybody this year in the same predicament, who'd be willing to
>>cede to me their reservations in the Ansteorran encampment?
>Seven people have requested refunds for pennsic.  (These had to be in by the
>end of July.)  As far as the transferrance of reservations, though, be
>careful.  The pennsic staff at Cooper's Lake will not accept transfers.

I don't care abouthe the reservation at pennsic, I'll pay my way in, I'm
just looking for 
ANY way to camp with Ansteorra, otherwise I doubt I'll ever wake up in time
to get a battle...

Same goes for my squre buddies Corwin and "The squire formerly known as
Ulrich" (Robert Mowbry)

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