ANST - To Dennis O' Connor

Pug Bainter pug at
Thu Aug 7 06:04:45 PDT 1997

> Of course, if you want to discuss *me*, rather than discuss
> the subject I posted about, well, that kind of discussion
> usually escalates into a flame-war, doesn't it ?  While I
> enjoy a flame war as much or more than anyone, do you
> think the rest of the mailing list really wants to see one ?
> If so, let me know.  If not, I'd advise you to cease making
> attacks on the messenger, and focus on the message.
> My words have or do not have value independent of
> who says them.

Let me make a simple statement as the list maintainer *before* I read the
rest of the messages.

I tolerate people to post off topic.
I tolerate people to argue.
I do not tolerate "flame wars". 

Arguments can be done without belittling, insulting or otherwise
treating others poorly.


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