ANST - Stargate Summerthing - Addendum

Thu Aug 7 06:55:59 PDT 1997

In my last post which outlined Stargate's Summerthing event schedule, my 
fingers obviously flew faster than my brain and I left out the following 
information about Summerthing teachers: 
11:00a	Canvas Painting (Afrena O'Dunlaing) 
	Meat Pies (Cateau D'Ardennes) 
	Woodworking Demo (Leofric Ealdricson) 
	Making Medieval Ointments and Creams (Annes von Bamburg) 
The dinner theater presentation of a scene from 'A Midsummer Night's Dream' is 
being performed by The Stargate Players. 
There will be a Heralds meeting from 12 - 1. 
Thank you for your indulgence. 
-- Suzanne 
** Lady Suzanne de la Ferte, AoA      ** 
** Scribe and Illuminator             ** 
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