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Thu Aug 7 07:18:05 PDT 1997

Good Morning,

  I have received several emails that have prompted me to look at the
  list despite my currently overloaded work schedule. (Luckily it is
  only lasting a week.)

  Dennis O'Connor seems to be an irritant to lots of individuals. I'm
  sorry people feel that way. He has a very well documented style of
  argument that is a nuisance to a good number of people. Basically,
  one tries to make sure that everything is on a purely logical basis
  (after all, isn't everything in the world?) instead of an emotion/
  opinion oriented one. When people get emotional, infuriated, etc,
  he has won. Most people who argue this way are simply trying to make
  you upset. I've used this form of argument to my advantage a lot in
  the past. It works very well, as many of you have already noticed.

  As others have pointed out, if you ignore him, he will probably go
  away. If you wish to discuss/argue with him *never* post it on the
  list. Instead, immediately take it private so others don't have to

  As I have stated in the past, I allow for a great number of things
  on the list. I allow for arguments; I allow for rudeness; I allow
  for off-topic posts; I do not allow the list to be off-track for long
  though. Since there has not been any valid SCA nor Ansteorra discussions
  on the "Dennis O' Connor" thread since the last post about oaths of
  fealty, I would recommend getting on topic or stopping it on the list.
  (General logic discussions are *not* an SCA topic unless you are
  providing period documentation.)

  I have never removed anyone from this list for any reason except invalid
  accounts or systems. I do not wish to. This current issue may have
  me think long and hard if it is not corrected. I will censor/filter
  based on inappropriateness, and someone from out of Kingdom not posting
  on-topic is a *very* gray area in my mind. (Unless ordered by their
  majesties otherwise, which I feel is a form of banishment.)

  Finally since everyone may not realize it, this is *not* the SCA. This
  is *not* Ansteorra. This is my personal list that I setup because I
  had an interest I wanted to be able to share with others on the net.
  This is my contribution to the Society. SCA corporate nor Ansteorra
  want mailing lists or newsgroups to be officially part of their holdings,
  so they are not.

  I am a very laid back admin. Please play nice in my yard.

  Btw, I, as well, feel that Dennis O'Connor is using a condescending
  and belittling tone in his posts. If he is not intending to do so,
  maybe he should experiment with a new style of writing.

  If he has enough free time to be on multiple Kingdom lists and argue in
  this manner, I feel his Kingdom and the Society would be better off if
  he funneled into other endeavors such as turning lead into gold. Alchemy
  is a wonderful art/science that needs improvement. *smile*

In Service,

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