ANST - Leather Clothing?

Keith Duke duke at
Thu Aug 7 03:44:11 PDT 1997

A topic of conversation came up the other day & piqued my interest...

Does anyone have any good references for period leather clothing?  In
particular for pre 13th C. Eastern Europe? Kiev, Poland, general early
Slavic "stuff"? (although general info is always appreciated...)

I recall reading somewhere (been awhile!) that some of the early period
coats/cloaks/generic outer garments were hair-on leather and somewhat rank
smelling, (implying perhaps green skins or poor tanning? Poor personal

At any rate, if I can find documentation I will probably try to build
something... even though I suffer from EASI. (You know - Extreme A & S
Impairment...) But I am loathe to trust to memory from one book - whose
title/author I can't recall - read several years ago...

Any info, opinions, anecdotes appreciated. (Even recounts of encounters
with bunny-fur barbarians, 'Conan' as documentation, etc.) 


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