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 From: Paul Mitchell <paul.t.mitchell at>
>I don't know, but I am curious about, your SCA name, what
>you're interested in doing in the SCA, where you live,
>what you've done that you're proud of, how long you've 
>been in the SCA and even what awards you have.
>I have seen many of your Rialto posts, but have never 
>gleaned any of these from them.
>I am Viscount Galen of Bristol, KSCA, former seneschal of
>Ansteorra, of the Barony of Elfsea (Fort Worth/Arlington,
>TX).  I joined the SCA in May of 1979, and was knighted
>in November of 1987.  Should you be interested (or even 
>if you aren't), there is more information about me avail-
>able at my website (URL below).
>Welcome to Ansteorra.

I am Dennis O'Connor, of Chandler, Arizona.  My wife and
I have a website at
We have been married over 14 years.  We have no kids
and no plans to have any. "We are our own children"
is our philosophy, as well as "Other people's kids are fun."

I joined the SCA in 1980, in the East Kingdom, and
was known there as Sean Patrick Desmond McConnell.
(Which made for an interesting entry in the "aliases"
section of my application for a Secret clearance.)
I am currently known in Atenveldt as Buri Dogshin.
Got an AoA back in March '82, a couple of service
awards from Baronies in two kingdoms.  Don't
really use them: they are appreciated of course
but a Mongol wouldn't use titles like that.  I probably
piss too many people off to ever be a Peer.  Not a
problem: being a Peer is a burden and a responsibility
that I do not particularly desire: it would cramp my style.
But I have the greatest respect for those Peers who
recognize and fulfill the obligation of their status.

I don't use my SCA name in postings unless they
concern matters medieval, which they usually don't.
I am infamous or famous, depending on who you ask,
on a number of newsgroups including the Rialto.

Interests ?  I've been in and out of armor, currently out 
since a torn ACL in my knee but considering getting in 
again now that the knee is rebuilt.  I've given my armor
to some new guy, so I'll have to make new. Mainly, I like 
to work. Events are, IMHO, boring unless you have something
constructive to do, like working in the kitchen.  No insult
to anyone else intended, but you meet the very best kind
of people working in the kitchen ! :-)

I am employed as a Senior Engineer with Intel Corporation.  
I have two patents issued and several in process: I am
especially proud of that.  I am afraid the current nature
of my work at Intel is not something I can disclose,
but it is fun stuff !
Dennis O'Connor               dmoc at
All rights reserved. Speaking only for myself, by default.


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