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Thu Aug 7 09:41:28 PDT 1997

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>Dennis - 
>> From: Garth <green at>
>> >Dennis O'Connor wrote:
>> BTW, anyone know who "Garth <green at>" is ?
>> Who *I* am, of course, is pretty obvious.

BTW, Paul, part of my point is that this "Garth" person,
who does not use his real name anywhere, also seems
to have an invalid e-mail address involving a host
that my ISP says does not exist.  Essentially, he or she
is posting anonymously.  In contrast, my real name and 
a real Internet address are in most or all of my posts.

People who post anonymously to attack others are
in my opinion low cowards.  I understand some
caution: I do not give out my address or phone,
for example.  But still, I can be held responsible
for what I post.  Can "Garth" ?
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