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>Good afternoon all,
>I was wondering if any of you had given or received some particularly great
>largess at any events?  I would love to know the reason they were given or
>received, and at what event.  (Please don't feel you're bragging, because I
>just want to know!)
>I have been really touched by the generosity at events and would love to
>give *something* to show my appreciation.  These ideas could also be carried
>over if we ever have a ransome tourney again.
>Thank you muchas!
I was given a hand made folding knife with an antler horn for lucking
out, er winning the knife, axe and spear throw at "Day in Cordoba". It
was made by Lord Patrick Donovan of the Barony of Bonwicke.  Real cool
blade.   Chiang says he can document it to period times too....

My lady  usually crochets a shawl, blanket, rug or afghan to be given
out at Gulf Wars as largess...   I really like the one she made for
Gulf Wars VI.    Hey Timo, it would really look good around Allysyn's
shoulders.... hint, hint, hint....


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