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<< Seven years ago, just after I had joined the SCA a Lady gave me a
 small bell after I had helped her set up her tent. It was totally
 unexpected and I remember trying to give it back, saying I would
 have helped her with or without the gift. Unfortunately, I do not
 remember who the Lady was, but I still have the bell.
 For several months I have been planning on casting a pewter token
 that I could present to bardic performers who impressed me. This
 was because I wanted to encourage bardic performances which seem
 to be wanning in recent years. Lately, I have been considering
 expanding its use to giving it to those who impressed me for other 
 actions. But perhaps it would be better to make seperate tokens 
 for each. Any opinions?
I Like the idea.. I'd say to cast a coin... with a bell on it  and with it
you can tell the story of how sometimes people do nice things.. just to be
nice.  And that people do appreciate it.  any tangible " proof" of that
appreciation is unexpected, but an awfully nice gesture, that perhaps they
can think of ways to pass on in their own lives.
   I thing doing a nice or fun bardic performance can count as a " nice
thing" too :)

there.. ya got my opinion ! :)
 Ffynnon Gath, Ansteorra

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