ANST - Filtering out annoying e-mail

James Crouchet jtc at
Thu Aug 7 23:20:52 PDT 1997

> Weeellll, you just don't respond. If you think you have a legitimate
> complaint, take it to him off-list. As well, in case you haven't noticed,
> Dennis just *loves* to answer ad hominem attacks like the one you just
> levied, ie: "He's like a wounded cat..." He may very well respond with an
> aesthethic critique of your flame. 

Also, most e-mail programs have a nifty set of filtering capabilities 
(sometimes called a kill file) that will allow you to automatically 
delete e-mail from any particular sender or on any particular 

I have long since eliminated posts from Mr. O'Connor, so I have only
been seeing the responses form others. For the most part I have
simply been deleting those too, rather than reading them. However,
this has gone on quite long enough, so in the future my e-mail will
be totally filtering out this thread. 

If your e-mail does not have these capibilities, check out Pegasus 
Mail, which is free and does a great job.

Someone with no one to talk to is just shouting into the dark.

M. Dore

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