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>Good afternoon all,
>I was wondering if any of you had given or received some particularly great
>largess at any events?  I would love to know the reason they were given or
>received, and at what event.  (Please don't feel you're bragging, because I
>just want to know!)

Many years ago I attended a small revel in Ebenfeur (today known as
Wiesenfeuer and yes I know that it was a very long time ago!) that was
attended by HRM Willow newly crowned the first queen of Ansteorra.  She
introduced me to the concept of the bardic circle.  She asked each one of
us that was seated in this small bardic circle to participate by telling a
story, poem, joke (even a bad one), limerick, or a song.  No one was forced
to participate, but most of use did.  I told a story that I made up as I
went along, it really wasn't that good.  When I had finished the queen
handed me a small ring out of a box she always carried.  I was totally
flabbergasted and just mumbled something like "thank you".  Willow said
that my story had entertained her and that she wish to reward me.  This
ring was one of my most prized possessions for many years until, one day I
heard a young bard preforming at a circle.  The bard sang a lovely song so
I gave away the ring that I prized so much.  My only charge to the bard was
that someday she would have to pass the ring on to someone under similar
circumstances.  I don't know where the ring is today, I can only hope that
it is in the hands of some bard somewhere who knows the charge and is
watching and listening.

I think that we all should try to carry some form of largess with us so
that we can add a little to the magic. 

In Service to the Dream

Sir Burke Kyriell MacDonald
Kingdom of Ansteorra

mka. Burke McCrory
burkemc at

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