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Greg Rose greg at
Fri Aug 8 00:59:07 PDT 1997

Dennis has the ability to infuriate and exasperate more people than just
about anyone else I know on the net.  But he does listen to reason, except
on those occasions when the temptations of a blazing flame war loom too
invitingly.  I have disagreed bitterly with Dennis on occasion on the Rialto,
but I have never known him to be deceptive or disingenuous about his
opinions -- an honesty I frankly find refreshing.  He seems to be the sort of
fellow who tells you to your face that he thinks you're an arsehole, if
he happens to think so.  I think there is some value in that, particularly
in a world where so many people will glad hand you in your presence, and
then in your absence tell the world you're an arsehole.

I should also point out that directness and abrasiveness are perfectly
period characteristics.  Recall that that paragon of chivalry, William
the Marshall, on three occasions killed men outright for perceived insults
to himself, or in one case to his horse.  The SCA's usual notion of
courtesy is, at best, very late period -- in fact, it is more a distillation
of renaissance courtier ideals through nineteenth century romantic
medievalism.  By the standards of a 13th or 14th century Mongol warrior
(or even most 13th and 14th century French knights), Dennis/Buri isn't
particularly an outlier in his behavior or abrasiveness.

And Bors, old son, recall that I patented being a pompous windbag in AS III.
I have no objection whatsoever to your claiming the title, but would
appreciate it if you paid for the franchise rights :-).

Hossein Ali Qomi
(Gregory Rose)

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