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Fri Aug 8 08:43:48 PDT 1997

> I was wondering if any of you had given or received some particularly great
> largess at any events?  I would love to know the reason they were given or
> received, and at what event.  (Please don't feel you're bragging, because I
> just want to know!)
> Allysyn
> timo
> littlexxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxlefty
> I have been really touched by the generosity at events and would love to
> give *something* to show my appreciation.  These ideas could also be carried
> over if we ever have a ransome tourney again.
> Thank you muchas!

When I was new to the SCA I fought the King's squire, Ian MacBaird, in an
Eldern Hills Championship. After our fight, Ian (now Sir Ian), asked me to
sit with him under the ROYAL PAVILLION and we talked fighting. He gave me an
uncut opal as a rememberance of a good fight.  I still have that opal.  Part
of the largess is the opal but another part was being given respect and honor
from an expirienced fighter. For a new fighter that was very special.

I have also given largess both great and small. At one of Inman's Coronations
I fought Talen and since the tourney was for those who impressed the new King
we presented roses to each others ladies and he joined me in singing "Shield
Wall" as we fought.  I was so impressed with his aplomb that I gave him a 
large chunk of pressed amber. I guess he liked it because he still mentions
it upon occassion.

I have given coins minted during the second crusade found in Jerusalem.

One thing I like to give largess for is when people help me in the kitche.
In addition to those snazzy white plastic aprons everyone was entitled to,
we made up tickets for a free meal at Black Wolf Tavern for anyone we found
who had helped with the Coronation feast.

I think everyone, Peers most especially, should always carry some largess. 
It's not the trinket itself that's important but the "Thank you" that comes
with it.



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