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Sir Gunthar is correct.  I cherish that large piece of cherry amber, 
and many drool over it when they see it.  To the best of my 
recollection, it was my first largesse, my first piece of amber, and I 
made a necklace out of it and various other beads. When I dress for 
court or populace I almost always wear it.  It's as much a part of my 
"awards" as my comet or crane.  I also had a wonderful time in that 
fight, but only got to the beginning of the second verse of "Song of 
the Shield Wall"  before Sir Gunthar took my arm and I yielded.

Another piece of "largesse" that I cherish almost as much is my 
"doofus" that H.E. Master Korwyn and his Lady Silvan gave to me at 
Mikael & Mikaela's last Coronation.  I had been serving the head table 
at the time.  Though of little intrinsic value, it means a lot to me as 
I value their opinions.  It's true that the actual largesse is less 
important than the fact that it was received and who gave it.  Those 
times are the fabric of the tapestry called "the Dream".

Of course, the largesse our Kings & Queens have given to me over the 
years in the form of awards I treasure as well.  Thank you to TRM 
Hector I & Rowan I, TRM Mikael II & Rebekah II, HRM William, TRM Galen 
& Rebekkah, and TRM Mahdi & Valeria.  You have been most generous.

Centurion Talen Gustaf von Marienburg, Kriegsherr von Nordsteorra
Falcon, AOA, Comet, Crane, CSS
Personal E-mail: talen at
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I have also given largess both great and small. At one of Inman's 
I fought Talen and since the tourney was for those who impressed the 
new King
we presented roses to each others ladies and he joined me in singing 
Wall" as we fought.  I was so impressed with his aplomb that I gave him 
large chunk of pressed amber. I guess he liked it because he still 
it upon occassion.




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