ANST - Instruction was: To Dennis O' Connor

Decker, Terry D. TerryD at Health.State.OK.US
Fri Aug 8 13:24:44 PDT 1997

>> I see now that I must spend more time with street gangs and
>> prostitutes, picking up their mode of thinking, if I am to be 
>> accepted here.  In my woeful naivete, I had assumed that
>> I was communicating with educated, cultured adults.  I see
>> now that that assumption was, for some people, unjustified.
>> Ghislane, does your mother know you talk like that on the 'net ?
>> --
>> Dennis O'Connor               dmoc at
>> All rights reserved. Speaking only for myself, by default.


I really do not recommend the companionship of street gangs, prostitutes
and other unsavory types.  Your naivete and manner would be a distinct
liability in such company.  I don't know your martial skills, but such
companions in my youth refined some of my more brutal abilities--and my
running.  Unfortunately, my poor, old, tired self is really not up to it
anymore.  If you insist on this course of study, may I suggest you
practice the obstacle course one mile sprint (running in a straight line
will get you shot in the back).  

As an aside, one small thing was bothering me.  When you pointed out
"1+1=2", you left off the period.  I was under the impression that
mathematical statements were supposed to be terminated by a period.
Could you clarify this, please.


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