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J. Michael Shew jshewkc at
Fri Aug 8 21:36:48 PDT 1997

	Ah, My favorite "awards" are those that the people give me, not
the crown.  (Not that I turn my nose up at a dubis from the throne,
but....well just read on...)
	I have a link from Syr Conn MacNeil's knight's chain, given to me
for my first tale in the SCA.
	I have a link from his mail, since he was paying attention to the
song I was singing and not the fight he was in, and that wicked snap-shot
rent his mail shirt....
	I have two Pensic coins from the same ten year old, two years
apart.  He wanted to "Pay the bard" for his nightly story...
	I have beads from a lot of folk, all strung together to make the
neclace for my Lily badge.
	And I have a glass drop from a woman who told me she wanted to
"give you this...It's from my son.  He would give it to you himself, but
his wheelchair can't roll this close to the fire..."  I wheeled him home
and sang and told stories to him for three hours!
	I have a handfull of strange bits and pieces from children.
	I have perhaps a dozen earings.
	And one feather pen from a dear friend who died not three months
after.  He loved my tales, and swore I could write all the rest with that
	I have coins from kings, Queens, Barons....Knives and toys from
Dukes, Counts.....Even books given to me as a gift.
	I have 17 household badges from the houses who felt I needed to be
a part of them, even if only for a night.
	It seems in Calontir, we believe in largess...
	I know, most folk think I sing for beer or other drink.  But my
real treasures probably wouldn't raise 2.50 at a good pawn shop
altogether.  You could probably replace them for twenty bucks...
	Well, replace the items...The meaning would take millions....

	Sorry.  I get maudlin late at night when I have a glass of port.
Forgive a fat old Norseman.  I'll go to bed quietly now...

  Herra-Domr Mikal the Ram; an annoying Bard of no redeeming qualities
__________________________(jshewkc at
	The Swan-Road is our for the season
	And Sword-wine is all that we spend
	The Gold and the Grain that we gather
	To wander the way of the wind
		(The Swanroad)


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