ANST - ceramic largess!

dennis grace amazing at
Fri Aug 8 23:59:39 PDT 1997

Hey everybody! I know! What if you made something ceramic to give out as
largess?! You could customize stuff anyway you wanted to; like ceramic
coins, tiles, beads, mugs, plates, goblets, pendants, incense holders,
boxes, candle holders, salt cellars (even ceramic bells!)...whew! Just the
thought of all the possibilities is enough to make one dizzy! Of course, the
average person doesn't have a kiln, or a potters wheel, or a large selection
of glazes, or ceramic tools or,...wait, I know--*I* have those

And you can play with them too at the ceramics workshop at my place Sunday,
August 31 at 2:00!


For more info, call me at (512) 467-8566 or email at amazing at

(Not valid in Nebraska, Utah, Gdansk, or Indiana, or where prohibited by law.)

mudmeisterin extraordanaire (I'm so cosmopolitan ;->)


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