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dennis grace amazing at
Sat Aug 9 00:22:55 PDT 1997

Greetings all! Aquilanne here.

---Denouncers of Tyttyvylus unite!---

Mst. Elyramere and myself are hosting the September Scribes Guild meeting at
my home on Sept. 11 (the second Thursday) at 7:00.  Call (512) 467-8566 or
email amazing at for directions, information, or my recipe for
marinated vegetables. 

Nobody panic----we're *in* control!!

We'll basically be doing a rudimentary/introductory thingy and talking about
materials and tools and stuff, looking at cool books, and
encouraging/helping folk with ideas for projects (if I get too technical
here, just let me know). After about an hour, there will be a short break
where we will discuss plans to take over the Knowne World.

Folks are encouraged to bring any projects they may be working on, plans for
projects, ideas, questions, enthusiasm, and lots and lots of presents!
Oooops, sorry, no, I mean to say, their *presence*! Yeah! That's it. (Of
course, you could bring presents if you really wanted to...perhaps a
shrubbery... ;->).

So be there or be square, my rare debonaire eclair!

(what was *in* that chocolate covered ginger anyway?!)


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