ANST - Seeking Copies of T.I. Reprints

Michael Mayer delamare at
Sun Aug 10 01:17:02 PDT 1997

Does anyone have T.I., volumes 72 & 92 who might be willing to
scan/snail mail me copies of the following articles for the Hospitaler's
Office Files:

Vol 72: "'Sell' Your Event to a Mundane Editor" by Elizabeth Tremayne
(pseud.), page 18 & "Freaking the Mundanes for Fun and Profit" by
Bronwyn Jourdemaine (pseud.), page 22

Vol 92: "Inviting 'Media Rex' to Your Event", by Timothy Garagchan
O'Leitrim (pseud.), Pages 17-19.

I'd be willing to cover costs of copying and mailing.    

"Live the Dream"

Michael de la Mare

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