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dennis grace amazing at
Sun Aug 10 01:20:09 PDT 1997

Greetings, all. Aquilanne here.

yesterday I wrote:
 I will be obtaining some plates, goblets, mugs, bowl, etc., to have on hand
for folks to purchase at cost, plus a nominal fee for the glazes and firing.
If you're interested, contact me and let me know how many of which kind of
bisqueware you would like so I can have enough on hand. If you'd like to
purchase your own, Sgraffitto and Austin Ceramics Warehouse are two places
in town where you can buy bisqueware, or greenware if you prefer. We'll be
using a type of underglaze that is formulated to work on bisqueware as well
as greenware, so it's up to you.

Seems I mispoke (miswrote?) myself. After seeing the huge variety of ceramic
forms Austin Ceramic Warehouse stocks (who knew?), I realized there was no
way I could anticipate what styles/forms folk would prefer, soooooo...this
will be an excellent opportunity for an outing to a new toy-shop, as it were. 

You can purchase bisqueware (which is what we will be working on), or you
can purchase greenware (the dried, prefired clay form) at half the price of
the bisqueware, and I will fire it for you for a firing fee of half the
greenware price. In other words, if ACW sells a greenware plate for $5, it
sells the same plate after it has been bisque fired for $10 (double the
price). If you buy a $5 greenware plate and bring it to me, I will fire it
for $2.50 (half the greenware price), making your price for the resulting
bisque-fired plate $7.50, saving you a whopping $2.50 over what it would
have cost to buy it already bisque-fired at ACW. See? If you want to buy
greenware and have me fire it, get it to me by around the 25th so I have
time to have all the bisqueware fired and unloaded in time for the workshop.

I've put together a flyer with info on the Ceramics Workshop, and the
upcoming Scribes Guild meeting and will be handing them out at fighter
practice next Tuesday.

Hasta luego


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