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> Vervelles are the staple-thingies that attach the leather doohickey
>  whosiwhasis that allows the camail to hang from the bottom of a bascinet

Ooopsss. Not what I had in mind when I suggested brass drapery rings
as substitute for falconer's vervels.
>  If all else fails, I suppose I can use large cotter pins, but I don't
>  they look quite right.

Consider, then, fencing staples and clipping / grinding the points, or
continue with the cotter pins (maybe bolts?) and a mounting-strip of
leather sewn / linked into the upper edge of the camail. 

My own current plan, for the project under construction, is leather 
under and over the fastenings. I was strongly encouraged by the
last marshall to look at my work-in-process to abandon cotter pins
in favor of bolts or rivetting.



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