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J'lynn Yeates jyeates at
Sun Aug 10 04:32:26 PDT 1997

On 10 Aug 97 at 2:17, dennis grace wrote:

> Vervelles are the staple-thingies that attach the leather doohickey
> whosiwhasis that allows the camail to hang from the bottom of a bascinet
> (let me know if this gets too technical for y'all).  A young gentleman here
> in Ansteorra has agreed to make a camail for me, and I want to be sure to
> suspend it properly.
> If all else fails, I suppose I can use large cotter pins, but I don't think
> they look quite right.
> and that (2) like every armor innovation of any importance 
> whatsoever, the vervelle is undoubtedly--as you so cleverly 
> surmised--of origine francaise (elegant enough, in fact, to be 
> Occitan). 

ahhh, amphibian armour ... now it's clear (ribbit, ribbit ...g)

check out a good jewelry supply (locally, Dyer's on Guadalupe is the 
one that i've used for years)  and order brass (i think that's what 
you were looking for) patterned bezel stock in the width you 
want ... have purchased silver, brass, and bronze from them (and 
mailorder via Rio Grande), in varying width and length in the past 
... of if you have a rolling mill with pattern blanks (one of my 
tool-lust items), get blank metal stock and "roll your own"

then a simple matter to cut metal and form the "staples" with rawhide 
or plas mallet over a right angle (vice works well) .. insert and 
hammer prongs down.

lot's of attractive stock patterns available that will probably give 
you exactly the look that you want


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