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Mon Aug 11 18:26:51 PDT 1997

Snip of good info to which I am not responding

>No, I'm talking about statements along the lines of "they never wore pink
>period," "they always used cochineal to obtain this color," etc.
>like this, for many (me included), have the sound of a gauntlet hitting the


A friend of mine, Mistress Regina Romsey, took the comment about pink in
exactly this manner.  Due to our locatiion at the time (Drachenwald) she had
access to excellent primary sources and all of the usual secondary and
tertiary ones (Plug for Mistress Sioban's message on source classification).
Her position was strengthened by her ability to convince curators to let her
behind the glass with the original garments.  She found cases of pink and
red in the same picture and (this is from my memory and if it is wrong the
error is mine) in the same garment.  This convinced us well enough that we
had "Pink Sophie look-alike" contests.  Unfortunately all we knew about Pink
Sophie was that she wore pink and was late period, or possibly early.
Judging from the contestants hir gender wasn't entirely certain.

Just my secondary source (or am I tertiary?) comments on research into the
Pink is/is not period controversy.

Viscount Cian Conor MacQuaid, KSCA


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