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dennis grace amazing at
Wed Aug 13 08:01:36 PDT 1997

Hi all. Aquilanne here.

Damon wrote:
>On the judging forms subject, here is the brewing judging form from
>Estrella about 3 years ago followed by the Calon form.  The major
>difference, which I like, is that the Calon form denotes a point breakdown.
> This tends to reduce the likelyhood that 1 judge will think a certain
>factor makes a product only good for X points while another thinks the same
>thing is worth X+Y points.  

The first judging  form is the typical Atenveldt form. It's strengths are
that, along with giving *some* criteria for judging, it can be used across
the board for most, if not all, art categories. However, I have to agree
with Damon that the judging criteria is spelled out much more clearly in the
Calon form. Though most folk in Atenveldt who judged were pretty consistent
in their scoring, what constituted a 4 or an 8 or a 6 in Atenveldt's judging
process was still left somewhat to the interpretation of each individual
judge. Efforts were made to try to standardize the criteria, but last I
heard, it hadn't quite been done yet.  

Of course, the backside of putting together as detailed a set of judging
criteria as shown in the Calon form is how much time and effort it would
take to put it all together. Though each category could share subsets of
criteria, each would need some of the wording or criteria customized to
reflect its concerns. For example, the criteria for brewing couldn't be used
for costuming ("Really, milord judge, I believe you're taking the term
*taste* in clothing a bit too literally..."). Criteria for bardic might not
work well in scrivener's arts ("Please stop covering your ears, milord
judge--the color combination isn't *that* loud...").

Also, maybe I'm just being anal here, but I like the idea of standardized
scoring across the board, ie. where a 10 (or 25 or 20 or 30) in costuming is
the highest score and a 10 in brewing is the highest score; 8 to 10 is a
masterpiece; etc. Also, the Calon form wasn't clear (or maybe I just missed
something) as to what the highest score attainable for a brewing entry might
be; it seemed like there were not only different criteria but different sets
of numbers being used. For example, the "product scale" for wine allows for
a maximum of 12 points, while the "product scale" for beer only allows for a
maximum of 7 points.

I think that distillations from both Aten and Calon type structure/criteria
could be designed into a superior A&S judging/instructional tool. Frankly, I
don't see how we can put a polished product together in time for this year's
Kingdom A&S, considering how many categories/sub-categories there are (by
the way, exactly *what* categories does Ansteorra recognize at present? What
sub-categories?). Aten's form would be the simplest to use as an interim
method while we're putting together the really cool system over the next
year. But maybe I'm underestimating our abilities. What do you guys think?



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