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Hello from Siobhan.
Most of us chose our personas fairly early in our SCA life, before we knew a 
lot about the various time periods and cultures.  My question is this:  if 
you had it all to do over again, would you choose the same time and culture?
 Would you choose a different one?  Why?
When I first started playing in 1989 I joined because i was aked to be a part of
a household in Mooneschadowe. Hl Aeddan's and Hl Gwennan's household house 
Windbourne we were told that we were going to be foster children and that we 
could be from any country that we wanted as they were both Welsh.  I decieded 
that I wanted Aeddan to be my actual father and not to be a foster son. So I was
from a previous marriage and I never really worked on who my mother was.  It 
wasn't until I was able to play in shire that I did any research into being 
Welsh.  I have started doing research into clothes that I would wear in 10th 
century Wales and I am thinking of trying to learn to speak and read Welsh.  My 
only regret about being Welsh is the difficulty of finding good research sources
to many times I have come across books that when they were translated they were 
also edited because the author was English.For instance I am trying to find out 
what clothes they would have worn etc and besides a few bits and pieces I 
haven't found much.  Now sinse I have been playing for a while my Persona story 
is fleshed out more. For instance my birth Mother is Hl Guinhilda Amberstar who 
after giving birth to me was struck by amnesia and ran off into a horrible storm
forgetting about me and the marriage to Aeddan.  This was later revealed by my 
father Aeddan when asked by Gwennan who could have been my Mother for I am 
louder than most crowds and my father is not one who usually raises his voice 
and I am as big as a ox and my father being a good and proper size is not as 
large as a ox so these details perplexed my fostermother until finally my father
did tell all that it was the Hl Guinhilda who had birthed me and that it was 
time for me to know.  This news was surprising at first then it came to even 
more of a surprise to find out that my good friend Ld Alaric was my half brother
from my my mothers side of the family this and the news of Hl Guinhildas 
motherhood surprised and confused many a good gentle and probably will for 

What about you?  Are your perfectly happy where you are, or are there other 
cultures in which you'd like to dabble?
     If I was to change my persona I would more than likely go with a Kiev 
     Rus persona, Romanian, or a Frankish persona but I would only do that 
     if I moved out of Kingdom. But more than likely I will stay Welsh 
     because their is still so much to learn about them and because like 
     going on for a minute and a half just to tell someone my name :) 
                                Owen ap Aeddan ap Trahaearn.....
                                Eldest son of House Windbourne  
                                One of the founders of Wyrmschlauger
                                Member of the Liondragon guard  
                                Herald to the Shire of Mooneschadowe      

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