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Wed Aug 13 12:06:19 PDT 1997

>Most of us chose our personas fairly early in our SCA life, before we knew a
>lot about the various time periods and cultures.  My question is this:  if
>you had it all to do over again, would you choose the same time and culture?
> Would you choose a different one?  Why?

Well, I think I've said this before, but:

I always wanted to be French.   But I wanted an Elizabethan corset about as
much as I want a hernia.  However, in France I was lucky enough to see a wax
museum containing reproductions of 'actual costumes worn by actual french
people in actual history.'   I was hooked before I reached the souvenir shop.
 I decided Elizabethan was still nasty, but late 16th century FRENCH
costuming is gorgeous and marvellous!!  

If I wanted to change my personna, I just *would.*  No problem.  Changing my
name would be rough; because everyone knows this name.  But if I decide to
wear something reminiscant of la Couer de Lion instead of Charles IX, then I
will wear it, and keep the same name.  I can't imagine ever wanting a radical
change, say--Japanese.

Occasionally, I may be a slave to Ansteorran fashion.   If the Royal Court
takes a fancy to the dress and mannerisms of the Arabs, then as a loyal
subject and toady I might be tempted to dress that way myself.  After all, in
my own period, a French king married an Italian and suddenly everyone in
Paris was dressing like Italians....    And if my circle of friends become
prone to post-period practices such as cavalier hats and wide lacy cuffs, I
just might adopt the fad myself....or at least get one of those nifty hats.
 After all, I live in Ansteorra now, not France, and Ansteorrans must worry
about sunburn and heatstroke--wear wide brimmed hats is what I say (with
lovely ostrich plumes!!!).


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