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Greetings unto my fellow Ansteorrans,

I thought some of you on this list might be interested in this message
I saw on the Rialto. I wish I had known about this when I was up there
in the Steppes for the Kingdom Dance Symposium. I was staying with 
friends just a mile or two from there. Sigh.

Anyway, hopefully some of you will find this interesting and be able to


> From: Elaine_Crittenden at (Elaine Crittenden)
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> Subject: Antique Bible exhibition
> Date: 29 Jul 1997 20:20:17 GMT
> Organization: Digital Xpressway - Dallas, TX
> If any of you happen to be in Dallas in the next couple of weeks, you might
> want to check out the Biblical Arts Center (NW of NorthPark Mall at Loop
> 635-aka "LBJ Freeway"- and Hwy 75-aka "Central Expressway"). There are
> of Bibles within the SCA period -beautifully lettered and illuminated
> incunabula, Gutenberg (a page), and a lot of others, some famous for
> errors--the "Vinegar" Bible (a title reading "Parable of the Vinegar"
> of "Vineyard"), the most famous being the "Wicked" Bible, which left out
> "not" in "Thou shalt not commit adultery," plus others. 
> Also included is a full-sized, wooden working model of Gutenberg's press,
> a docent who will actually print two pages as you stand there. The period
> "clothes line" drying line for the printed pages is clever and practical.
> If you ever wondered what Bibles were available prior to King James's
> version, it is an excellent opportunity to see some of them in all sizes
> the "Great Bible" to the smaller "PoorMan's Bible." Several days a week,
> of the two owners of the collection is available for questions.
> Happy summer.  :-)     ......Elaine (aka Lete Bithespring, Steppes,
> Ansteorra)
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