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Heidi Torres hjt at
Wed Aug 13 22:57:47 PDT 1997

Greetings from Mari!

Well, I *was* going to answer on this thread, but darned if I didn't find 
Gunnora had already done so for me.  To wit...

On Wed, 13 Aug 1997, Gunnora Hallakarva wrote:

> NO ONE in this kingdom could *ever* have imagined that Lady Elisabeth
> d'Erisby ("Hey, Derisby!" to pretty much everyone in the kingdom) would
> ever be anything other than an Elizabethan lady in corsetry.  But lo and
> behold, one day out of the clear sky, this Elizabethan lady up and changed
> her entire persona... and is now known as Mari ferch Rathtyen, Welsh
> chieftess.  If Mari, as well known as she was as Lady d'Erisby, could
> successfully change her whole persona from the late end of our period to
> the earliest part of our period, then I suspect anyone can.

First of all, I wasn't Elizabethan.  My persona was set around 1530, 
which means Henry VIII, for which the proper term is "snotty Tudor" or 
"bitchy Tudor", depending on whom you ask.

> I don't recall, but I'm sure Mari can tell us... how much trouble did you
> have getting folks to switch names when you changed?

It was difficult but in retrospect, I had actually found a good way to 
pull it off.  I created Mari as an alternate persona (cooler clothes, you 
know) so people knew to call me Mari when I was dressed Celtic.  All I 
really did was gradually phase Elizabeth out.  I got my Laurel as "Mari" 
 and from there on, it was pretty much fait accompli, tho you can 
still carbon date some folks around here by whether they still on 
ocassion call me "dahrzbee" (you can thank Mst. Branwyn for coining that 
pet name....)

As for other personae and would I do it differently now?  Knowing what I 
know, I'm most comfortable as an early Celtic noblewoman.  It's the 
period I've done most of my persona studies in, and the one I'm most 
attracted to.  It's the one that feels "right".  I do, however, enjoy 
ocassional "time surfing", and would like to recreate Italian Renn, 
Moorish Spain and North Africa, Viking, Sarmatian. 

So there.  Mari


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