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>Most of us chose our personas fairly early in our SCA life, before we knew a

>lot about the various time periods and cultures.  My question is this:  if 
>you had it all to do over again, would you choose the same time and culture?
> Would you choose a different one?  Why?
    Was into"medieval research" long before I even knew the SCA existed.
 Early 1300 Scotland was the only place to be because of the transitions
taking place there.
    Once I found the SCA, making the jump to that time and persona was a
piece of cake.  Armor was in a transition state,crossing between maille and
plate, so you could make adaptations and be correct.  Garb was easy too,
because the Scottish realm was considered a "back water" of fashion,
sometimes being as much as a 100 years behind in some styles, and yet the
nobility had the pleasure of going to France (everyone knows that the French
set the fashion styles at that time- Don't you?) and be up to date with the
current trends.  For these reasons and because of my former Templar life,
1300-1350ad was the only place for me. Never had any desire for any thing
>What about you?  Are your perfectly happy where you are, or are there other 
>cultures in which you'd like to dabble?

    Define "perfectly happy".   Is any one "perfectly happy"?  The only
change I ever contemplated was to be my own great grand son during the
Jacobite rebellion . This too was a very exciting time in history.  Guess I'm
just a Scotaholic. 


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