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Lisa Carter zkr26 at
Thu Aug 14 09:06:58 PDT 1997

The funny thing was that I did the exact opposite of my cousin Mari.  The
very first event I went to I saw M. Merial (at that time HL Merial) in a
white elizabethan.  Not understanding the concept of corsets...or knowing
how to sew......I gave in to the earlier, simplier garb.  My lord though
it was important to pick a name right away ans since I didn't care about
every registering it - I got it off a song by an Irish group - the
spelling is even from the 1950's :-).  

Well about a year ago I had the opportunity to go to Dallas and meet that
'woman in the white elizabethan" and the guy (M. Collin) who was sitting
with her.  We went to learn how to sew and I sat most of the weekend with
books trying to find what my first project should be......I fell in love
with the painting of Eleonora of Toledo and wined I could never wear
something like that.  I was informed I was incorrect and shown how.

Three Elizabethans later (one I fight in) I am begining to find out who my
persona is....also My Lord is late 1300's to mid 1400's so when we go as a
pair I get to discover the garb a century back and be my great/grand -

Now for the name......I never change it but I think (know that I would
like to register stuff)......need to find something that sounds similar

Learning to Serve the Dream,

Kayleigh Drake
Baroness of Bonwicke
The Western Region of Ansteorra


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